Application Form

Application Form

Non Circumvention Non Disclosure (NCND):
In view of receipt of Technical information, Co-ordinates/Contact information and guidance from PSE (Pioneer Sam Energia), I/We agree to sign and be bounded by standard NCND terms/agreement of PSE

Consultancy Fees:
Our Consultancy fees are in the range of 10-25% of the Project Cost, depending on the PSE’s scope of work.
Outstation Travel Compensation for any site visits: ₹10,000/- or USD 150/- per day + Travel Expenses at actuals.
(To be paid by crossed cheque/NEFT/RTGS in favour of Pioneer Sam Energia)

The above information is true to the best of my/our knowkedge. If your Project Proposal is acceptable to me/us, I/We undertake to pay your said consultancy fees and be bound by the terms of payments to Parties as mentioned in your Project Proposal/Project Profile. All Fees, Expenses & costs once paid to PSE will be non-refundable under any event. Understanding PSE’s role as consultants, I/We hold total responsibility towards the above business and hereby indemnify PSE from any loss/damage occurred in course of running my/our above Project/Business.

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