Project Services

PSE with its team of Engineers & Managers, offers a wide range of Project set-up Services to enable Promoters set up their Projects Successfully as per a Cost and time Schedule.

Selection of Project

PSE will help you identify a right Project for Investors depending upon factors such as their interest, background and investment potential. Investors can bring in their own Project ideas or short-list a Project from the Profiles of Projects available with PSE. A study of these Project profiles shall enable PROMOTERS to make a Choice of a perfect Project.

Preparation of Feasibility Report

After selection of the Project and registration of the Project with PSE, a TEFR (Techno-Economic Feasibility report) will be prepared by PSE, Which shall cover the following details:

• Total Project Cost.
• Recommended Economic capacity.
• Requirements of Land & Civil works and costs.
• Requirements of Raw Materials/Fuel/Manpower/Utilities/Overheads.
• Recommendation of Technology.
• Plant & Machinery costs.
• Fixed and variable costs
• Profitability and Project Economics.

The above Feasibility report shall enable the PROMOTERS to make a decision regarding Investments in the proposed Project and shall determine the basic framework of the project. Based upon the feasibility report, the promoters can also initiate discussions for financing of the Project.

Preparation of DPR (Detailed Project Report)

Following the approval of the Project Feasibility, PSE Shall proceed to prepare a Detailed Project report which shall include details on the Techno-Economic data as required by the Financial institutions to obtain Financial disbursement. This shall include:

• Project Layout, Equipment Layout.
• Architectural Layout.
• Quotations for Plant, Civil works and Electrical works,
• Details on Technology transfer and costs.
• Financial arrangements and raising of funds.
• Cost & Time Schedule for Project implementation.
• Raw Material and Fuel Supply Agreement.
• Marketing Arrangements.
• Details of Loan requirements, Working capital. and Repayment schedule.

Marketing Tie-up

If required by the Project Promoters, PSE can make arrangements for marketing of products produced in the plant established by the Promoters with the consultancy from PSE.

Project Engineering

On commencement of the financial disbursement as per specified schedule, PSE will engineer and monitor the Project as per Time and Cost schedule. Scope of Work will include Procurement and set-up of Plant & Machinery on Turn-key basis, negotiating with and appointing Civil Contractors, set-up of Electrical and Mechanical machinery and all neccessary activities pertaining to successful set-up the Project. All the above activities can be undertaken on a Turn-key cost basis or on Cost-plus basis.

Technology and Plant

PSE has collaborations with several parties for Technology and construction of Plant. Additionally, it has it's own Research & development wing, which develops know-how and Technologies. PSE shall thus offer an appropriate Technology & Plant as required by the Project at a cost specified in the TEFR.

Commissiong and Start-up Operations

PSE shall supervise the installation and commissioning activities and regulate the Start-up operations of the Project and arrange to apply and provide for necessary certificates after successful completion of Operations.
Training would also be provided for operating personnel to successfully run the plants.

Sourcing of Raw Materials and Fuels

Depending on the Raw Materials and Fuels required, PSE can arrange for long term contractual offers for the supply of the same to the PROMOTING COMPANY.

Financial Sanctions

PSE can also assist in liasoning on behalf of the Promoters for financing of their project from Financial Institutions and Banks to obtain the requisite Term Loan and Working capital. However the sole responsibility of securing the Finance will remain with the Promoters.

Government And statutory Clearances

All Government clearances regarding statutory norms and requirments in terms of licenses, clearances from explosives dept, NOC’s from pollution control, MSEB sanctions, etc will be the sole responsibility of the Promoters. PSE will assist the Promoters in preparing the applications and documentation for such procedures.

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