PSE Projects

Various projects on turnkey basis are offered by Pioneer Sam Energia


PSE offers Oil and Gas exploration projects in India, Russia, Africa and Australia. There is a very high demand in the need of petroleum products which have given rise to several Refineries. These Refineries require Crude Oil and Gas to further fractionate and obtain other petroleum products.


Refinery products such Gasoline (Petrol), Diesel, Gas, Kerosene and Petrochemicals such as Ethelene, Propylene etc have a growing demand all over India. Owing to rapid urbanisation Petrol and Diesel have nearly 10% demand growth rate in India. There is also vertical integration of industries producing various types of Plastics, Polymers, Petrochemicals and other Chemical materials. The demand for these products is growing at about 7.5% per annum and thus offers a good opportunity for business. Targeted locations for Refineries are coastal regions in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and Eastern coasts of India.


With the current initiatives to promote Bio-diesel all over the world, there is a great scope in manufacturing Bio-diesel. Bio-diesel is produced by Trans-esterification of various vegetable oil seeds such as Soyabean, Sun-flower, Ground-nut, Palm oil as well as from Used cooking oil and Animal Tallow. Biodiesel is recommended and permitted to be blended to Petro-Diesel to the extent of 20% of the required Diesel fuel and this helps in providing the Diesel Engine with superior anti-knock properties, better lubricity and lowering of harmful Cox emissions. Catering to the demand of one of the largest consuming commodity such as Diesel, the Bio-diesel Projects offer unlimited scope of opportunity to enter the ever expanding Diesel markets in the country and world-wide. Bio-diesel Projects are offered by Pioneer Sam Energia on a Turn-Key basis with Technology, Plant, Project Engineering and Marketing arrangements. The Project is offered in a Technical collaboration with an American company offering the latest innovative Technology for Biodiesel production.

LPG (Bottling)

The demand for LPG is growing at a very rapid rate and the government has privatised this sector. While LPG is being the most common fuel in households, it is now also finding application in the Auto Sector. Thus this is a very stable and growing business for every locality in the country. Well designed Storage and Bottling infrastructure with strategic location will render this project very successfully.


These are highly popular chemicals required in a wide range of industries and have a many applications for manufacture of intermediates and finished products. The end use is generally in the Chemical, dyes, pharmaceuticals, food, plastic and polymer industries. The demand for these chemicals is growing at 6% per annum.

STARCH & STARCH BASED PRODUCTS viz.Dextrose & Liquid Glucose

Starch finds wide applications in the food, pharmaceutical, paper, textile industries depending upon the grade. Dextrose generally finds applications in theraupeutics and is used for intravenous applications while Liquid glucose is used in the manufacture of confectionery and various food products. Project to be set up in western region of India where there is water and power availability.


These unique products can be manufactured from waste materials such as Bagasse, Rice husk or Molasses. These are PSE proprietory inventions and these products find wide applications. This project can be set-up in any area wherever the above raw materials are freely available.


LPG & CNG are finding increasing applications in the automobile sector and thereby the demand for these products is rapidly growing. There are however only a few cylinder manufacturing units for these gases as per approved standards and norms. The demand is however very large and hence there is an acute need in the market for properly approved cylinders.


Pulps of Mangoes, Banana, Guava, Chickoo, Pineapple & Papaya. + Mango Powder.This project to be set up in any central region which has common availability of above fruits. Preferred location - Western Maharashtra. The demand for these products is mainly for Exports.


Milk powder has a growing demand in India. Project to be located in Maharashtra. Ease of Milk availability is the prime factor. Milk powder finds applications in several dairy products such as health drinks, baby foods etc.


Salt is supplied to two market segments. viz. Industrial and Consumer markets. There are various grades of salt such as Refined, Iodised & Free flow. The market for salt is growing at about 7% per annum. Salt mines can be suitably located along coastal regions. Products from further reactions can be obtained such as Sodium (100% import substitute), Chlorine and sea bed derivatives such as Silicon, Silicon chloride, Deuterium and Heavy water. All the above products find demand in the Industry.


These Projects are to be located in some specific locations in India which would be recommended by PSE. Capacity will range from 10MW to 1000MW. PSE shall arrange to offer and execute PPA’s ( Power purchase agreements).


Apart from the above Projects which PSE offers with Finance and Marketing Tie-up, PROMOTERS can obtain PSE services for any Process Project of their choice subject to confirmation of Marketing arrangements.

On selection of any Project by the Promoters, PSE renders services from preparing the Project report to finalising the financing modalities followed by Project Engineering and finally commissioning the Project. On commencement of production, PSE shall arrange for Marketing of the products manufactured in the Promoter’s plant.

To Proceed ahead, Kindly refer to our Project Consultancy in the Services section and fill in the Project form therein.